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What does your wedding invite say about you?

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for the happiest day of your life.  How your invite looks, and the message it contains, contributes to how others perceive your big day.

Picture the scene – you arrive home from a long day at work and sitting under your door is a hand written envelope addressed to you.  You open it up and staring back at you is a classy invite, well written, nice font, looks great, and makes a lasting impression.  The message is perfect, the tone is great….Already you feel as though it’s going to be an amazing day – one you don’t want to miss!

Compare that an invite that looks and reads badly.  It might contain all the relevant information (where and when the wedding is going to take place), but the first impression has already been made upon the reader.   Somehow, rightly or wrongly, that wedding just doesn’t seem as appealing as the first one.

Your invite sets the tone for everything else that’s going to follow!

No one wants a tacky wedding invite, or worse yet a message that doesn’t do justice to all the hard work you’re putting into organising the most special day of your life.

But, the thing is, writing wedding invitations isn’t something you do every day.  It isn’t something you’re taught how to write.  There’s an art to it that is actually very difficult to master.  For example, do you want your invite to be a formal or casual, traditional or contemporary?  It’s no good sending a casual invite if your wedding is a black tie event being staged in a luxurious venue!

You have to make sure your invitation, and the message contained within it, fits perfectly with the wedding you are planning.

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